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  • Business Week - December 19, 2000 Are Defunct Dot-Com Shares Worthless? Not Always - Collectors of stock certificates are snapping up the paper, hoping it will become more valuable than the shares ever were

  • Detroit Free Press December 14, 2000 - Stock in a frame available online "And if you're a collector, here's a Web site"

  • - December 2000 - Best Holiday Shopping Sites

  • Yahoo Finance - December 1, 2000 - Stock Certificate Collections Combine Business, Art and History - and Doubles Business As Collectors Flock to the Internet  - Now Online to Provide Research of Old Certificates

  • Money Magazine - December 2000 - In Money Magazine's special Online Gift Section, is recommended for Collectors and Securities Traders as Gifts that last all Year.

  • Ebay Magazine - December 2000 - Bob Kerstein and are featured as e-commerce Power Sellers.

  • The News Tribune - November 11, 2000 - The old paper chase Gifts: Items of historic interest such as old stocks, book plates, newspapers make marvelous presents.

  • SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION - October 2000 - Processing Requirements for destroying Cancelled Security Certificates
  • Irish Times September 15, 2000 Nothing generates interest like a dead cert
  • CNNfn - September 14, 2000 The paper they're printed on

  • - June 6, 2000 Ye Olde Stock Certificates ...something old, something lost, Part 2

  • ENQUIRER   BUSINESS   COVERAGE - Monday, March 27, 2000 Gramps' papers may be a treasure, or nice wall covering

  • USA Today Money - February 17, 2000 - Don't toss old stock certificates

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